We’re Engaged!

I’m so excited.

Tim, who is usually not very good at keeping secrets from me, hid his proposal plans, the ring and the fact that he had asked my parents very well. And everyone kept quiet for almost a month and a half … very impressive.

I was so surprised. You see, it’s my birthday Sunday, and we had planned to take a mini-vacation to SeaWorld tomorrow, eat a nice dinner and spend the night in a hotel. I really thought he would propose there … but then I kept thinking “No way, he’ll wait until September (our anniversary).”

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Water for Elephants

After reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I wanted to jump right into another book.

It’s part of my New Year’s resolution to read more books, and this year I have read four. So technically, I’m on track to read a book a month, which I think is a pretty good goal.

My next choice was Water for Elephants. Tim’s sister, mother and extended family gave it rave reviews. Plus, I already had the book … along with a bunch of other books that sit on my bookshelves, waiting to be read … I have a book addiction. Tim knows. He accepts it.

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The Hunger Games … yea, yea.

OK … So apparently there has been all this hype lately about The Hunger Games.

I know, I know … I’m behind just a little bit. But whatever.

I really wanted to read all the books before going to see the movie, or before anyone made any major spoilers for me. So today, I borrowed the first book from a co-worker. She is taking them back to her family in Chicago in about a month, so I have that long to read them.

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