DIY Rustic Sign

Maybe I’m a bit ambitious, but I want to DIY a lot of stuff for the wedding. The only problem is that I’ll be doing 90 percent of it by myself.

My bridesmaids are in West Palm Beach, Tampa and New York, and my mom is in West Palm Beach. So to help, they would have to come pretty far.

This weekend I worked on a rustic sign that will go behind our table at the wedding. This is the finished product: IMG_1518edit

Here’s what you will need:

  • Words printed on computer paper
  • Three pieces of wood (any is fine, but the thinner the better)
  • Wood stain
  • 2 Small hooks
  • 4 screws (or finishing nails, depending on the thickness of your wood)
  • Hemp or some other hanging string.

I found a cute rustic-y font and printed out “The Logans” to make a stencil. As far as how big to make the stencil, that’s up to you. I wanted just a couple of centimeters of space  above and below the text.

The wood came from some pallets I had lying around. It was heavier than I had hoped for, but I wanted to use the wood that I had.  I cut the wood with about 3 inches on either side of the bigger word (in my case, Logans), and then sanded and stained. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was nothing special.

Once your wood is dry from the staining and you have your text printed, use the charcoal method to trace the words onto your wood.



It’s a little tough to see, depending on how dark your stain is. I suggest finishing the painting in the same day so you don’t forget where the stencil was and so it doesn’t fade. I also had the copy of my text hand so I could lay it over the wood if I need a guide.

Then, paint away! I used an old jar of egg shell-type paint but you can use whatever you please. Once it’s all dry, sand the text until it looks a bit weathered, and then spray with some clear coat.Logan Sign

To combine the two pieces, I placed my last piece of wood on the back, running along the seam. I used wood screws to secure the board (drill first!), but depending on the thickness of your wood, you may just use finishing nails. Then I screwed in my hooks (drill first!) so the opening was facing down and looped on my hemp.Hooks

UPDATE: Now that the wedding is over, I have placed the sign on our front door. It’s a little heavy and hits the door pretty bad when we open/close it. But we use the front door maybe 10 times a year, so who cares.Sign on Door

Thanks for stopping by!



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