The First Thanksgiving

OK, so maybe it’s not the first Thanksgiving. But it was the first one we had in our home. Now you know we only moved in a couple of months ago. And maybe it was a little ambitious to have a large meal with many people and dogs at our house. Especially since we didn’t even have a dining room table yet.

Well, not to worry. We scrambled a bit and unpacked all of our boxes … OK almost all. There are still some left in the office. And we even managed to build our farmhouse table, complete with mismatched yard-sale chairs.

Dining room table

I’m so happy we made the table. It’s very sturdy and will definitely last us a long time – something our children will grow up with. Plus, it was a fun project for us as a couple. Using all salvaged wood was not realistic in the time frame we had. So we only used a few pieces on the bottom that we had salvaged and bought the rest.

Table wood IMG_1380_edit

But I think it was worth it. We really worked hard to age the table, which was a lot of fun. And I’m sure it will get beat up some more the longer we have it.

Thanksgiving turned out to be a huge success. I’ve never made a turkey that large before, but it really came out perfect. And everyone pitched in somehow, either doing dishes or rolling biscuits. It was great.

Thanksgiving spread


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