The Search Is Over

After months of looking, we have finally found a house.

It’s really perfect and has everything we were looking for.

When we started our search, we were thinking one acre would be good. And then sometime in the future we would move to more acreage. But as time went on and we kept talking about a forever house and how much we hated moving, one acre turned into three … and then five … and then 10.

We know there is now way of knowing what the future holds, but we love the town that we live in. And we have never been, nor do we want to be, the type of people who move for work. We would much rather find work where we live (should we ever lose our jobs), even if that means changing careers.

Well, it must be obvious by now, but we’ve found a perfect home on 10 acres. It’s definitely big enough for us now, and there is more than enough room to expand.

So, we put in an offer …

A little over two months later, we went into contract shortly after making an offer and have extended our contract three times.

Just about everything is in order except the detached garage on the property didn’t have a permit. So for a while now, the sellers have been trying to get that garage up to code so the permit can be taken care of.

They have been really accommodating and for the last three weeks we have been living in the house due to a preoccupancy agreement.

It’s been quite the headache. But when I walk Daisy in the back yard and she has all that grass and space or when I sit on the screened porch and it’s so quiet … I know it’s worth it.

I just keep taking deep breaths and try to remember that things happen for a reason and sooner or later, this house is really going to be ours.


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