We’re Engaged!

I’m so excited.

Tim, who is usually not very good at keeping secrets from me, hid his proposal plans, the ring and the fact that he had asked my parents very well. And everyone kept quiet for almost a month and a half … very impressive.

I was so surprised. You see, it’s my birthday Sunday, and we had planned to take a mini-vacation to SeaWorld tomorrow, eat a nice dinner and spend the night in a hotel. I really thought he would propose there … but then I kept thinking “No way, he’ll wait until September (our anniversary).”

How did he do it?

Well, like I said, Tim is not usually good at keeping secrets. Either he hints at something, he tells a bad lie or I find receipts/garbage around the house that ruins his plans.

That almost happened … this morning I was cleaning up a bit and I found a bundle of misplaced blue yarn. I didn’t buy yarn … so I called him.

“Dear … did you buy yarn?”

“Uh … yea. When I went to get dog food, I stopped at Michaels and it was on sale. I thought you might like it because it’s blue.”

Now, he was at work. So I believed him. But I figured I just stumbled upon part of my birthday present.

Skip to me coming home from work

As I’m walking up to the apartment, I see an envelope stuck to the door.

“Open me ♥”

I quickly read this note from Tim saying that he lied about the yarn, but it’s OK. He and Daisy are inside.

I open the door (my heart pounding) and see notes hanging from the ceiling from pieces of that blue yarn; a timeline of our relationship. From the first day we were matched on eHarmony to the day we got Daisy, all of our messages from eHarmony and the date that we said I love you.

All leading upstairs to our bedroom … and Tim, dressed in a suit, with a big smile and a ring.


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