What? We Have To Move Out In A Month? No.

Today we got a super awesome note on our door that said we have one month to vacate our apartment.

Why you ask?

Well, Tim is a courtesy officer for the property, and apparently, they decided they didn’t want him to be one anymore. So, in 30 days we either have to pay twice the rent we are paying now (unaffordable) or move out (be homeless).

Oh, silly apartment complex. You can’t just do that to people. That’s what contracts are for.

Long story short, Tim (not me because I’m an angry, raging maniac and would have probably threatened someone’s life) talked to the property manager. It was all just a big misunderstanding. And since we don’t have the addendum in our contract that says they can terminate our lease whenever they feel like it … we are staying.

So yay, we aren’t homeless.

And, I got a jump on all the packing we are going to have to do for when we move out at the end of July.


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