The Hunger Games … yea, yea.

OK … So apparently there has been all this hype lately about The Hunger Games.

I know, I know … I’m behind just a little bit. But whatever.

I really wanted to read all the books before going to see the movie, or before anyone made any major spoilers for me. So today, I borrowed the first book from a co-worker. She is taking them back to her family in Chicago in about a month, so I have that long to read them.

UPDATE, March 26: I have finished book one … on to book two.

UPDATE, March 28: Finished book two … and on to three.

UPDATE, April 12: Finished book three.

SPOILER ALERT: I may write a few things beyond here that may ruin the books or the movies for some. If you don’t want to be angry, I suggest you stop reading … And please, keep in mind that these are my opinions. Everyone has their own … if you don’t like mine, go read another blog.

Overall, I thought the books were good. Were they the best books I have ever read? No. But it wasn’t all the killing and gruesome deaths that I had a problem with. I kept hoping for more out of Katniss. She always seemed helpless and a bit too broken for my taste.

It was wonderful to see a female character “lead” a trilogy, but in reality she didn’t lead it at all. If Gale wasn’t picking her up off the floor, than Peeta was, or Haymitch, or her mother, or Prim, or … well you get the point.

There were a handful of times where she was the one helping others, but it was really only a handful.

And I get it, life sucks. Her dad died, all these people were dying, but at some point I was hoping she was going to stand up and fight. Either for her life, for her family’s lives, or for the lives of the people from District 12. But she never did. Instead, she gave up and literally tried to kill herself.

If I had young daughters, I would seriously consider whether I would let them read these books. The idea that things go bad in life and you just can’t pick yourself up is horseshit. And really, sometimes there aren’t people there to pick you up. Sometimes it’s just you, coping with the grief, and learning to move on. I would want my girls to take away that message instead: Life goes on, and so can you.


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