We Got A Tree …

It’s my favorite time of year and after spending the weekend visiting my parents … we got our Christmas tree!

For some reason, every year everyone asks us if are going to get a fake tree or a real tree. The answer is always the same … It’s always real in our house.

Maybe when we are 80 years old and don’t feel like dragging a tree off the car and into the house we will have a fake one … but aren’t that what children are for? To lift all the things you are too old to lift but insist on getting anyway???? … One day, I will be a wonderful mother.

Back to the tree…

We had just driven 4 hours back home and decided to go back out to get a tree so we could enjoy it for the next couple of weeks. We were lucky, because it took 10 minutes tops for us to pick out “The One.” Then we (by we I mean the nice tree hauler boy) tied it to the top of my car and headed home.

Tim did all the heavy lifting … and once it was inside, we made it nice and pretty, and then added some presents.

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