2 Years Already

As cliché as it sounds, time really does fly.

I can’t believe Tim and I have been together this long already. It was exactly two years ago today, that we met for the first time.

We had officially met on eHarmony a few weeks earlier and had emailed and talked on the phone until we decided to have our first real date.

This year we decided to spend a couple of days in Orlando seeing Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. And then we spent a night camping and a day hunting for sharks teeth in Venice, Fla.

The parks were fun, but we definitely realized that we are not as energetic as we used to be. After about three hours of walking and riding rides, we were done… on both days.

On one of the nights there, we decided to eat at Texas de Brazil.

It’s one of those restaurants where the waiters walk around with meat on knives. The food was incredible, and we were prepared for it to be expensive … so let’s just say that it was … like really.

After Orlando, we headed to Osprey to camp out in a state park. When I was little I camped all the time. It was great … or so I remembered. Well, needless to say there were hundreds of mosquitoes, the bug repellent didn’t work and lots of animals made noise all night …

In the morning we went to a beach in Venice to hunt for shark teeth. I think we found about 20-30 teeth in a couple of hours. And we didn’t even have to go that far down on the beach.

Once we dusted off our sandy feet, we drove back home and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. Well, almost. I guess the combination of germy theme parks and sleeping outside in the hot/cold-ness bred a horrible sickness.

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