Tips From My Hairstylist

Some women are meant to be blondes.

Some brunettes.

I was meant to be a blonde … with a little help.

My current hairstylist, Amber*, has been doing my hair for the past couple of years, and every time she does such a wonderful job.

The color is always great, and when it’s not (which only happened once or twice … because I may have rushed the appointment…) she fixes it no problem. The cuts are perfect, and she styles it in a way I never could.

Now, I know that she is trained, but recently I asked what to do to make my hair look remotely like what she does when she blows it out. I mean, I love my hair when she does it, but when I do it, the style looks a bit frumpy. And I’m a little young for frump.

So she showed me…

“First I dry out your roots,” she said.

And then, “Get a big brush … a BIG brush.”

“Even though I have such fine and short hair?” I said.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s how you get the volume that you’re looking for.”

So I did … I got a BIG brush.

I ran my errands for the day, stopping at a few places I thought would have a BIG brush. But I ultimately ended up at Sally Beauty Supply, which we all know is a fabulous place … why didn’t I just go there first.

After a bit of standing and staring, I got some help from a Sally’s employee and left with a brush that would hopefully do its job.

Apparently, every brush I have ever owned has been horrible. This new fancy brush (which wasn’t very expensive by the way) has boar bristles to help distribute the oils from the roots of my hairs … or something. Most of my round brushes were nylon … not so good for fine, straight hair.

Anyways … I have used the BIG brush, and OMG it works wonders. It actually makes me want to do my hair every day… not that I will, but it makes me feel that way. My hair stays nice for most of the day (even when it’s fairly humid out), and I don’t even have to use any product.

Overall, I would say thumbs-up to Sally and a triple thumbs-up to my hairstylist for being so awesome.

*I changed her named just because…


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