Yellow Bunny

I often see flashes of my childhood when I dream.

One shot that stands out in particular is me at the age of 2 or 3, sitting in a shopping cart. My mom and I are strolling through a big department store, like Bed Bath & Beyond, and sitting next to me is my fluffy, Fisher-Price yellow bunny.

We were best friends. I brought that yellow bunny everywhere. But that memory is the last one that I have of my trusted sidekick.

Sometime shortly after that shopping trip my yellow bunny vanished.

My mom and I looked everywhere. But I always assumed that he was mistakenly given to Goodwill in one of the many “toy giveaways” my mom had us do …

I never forgot about Yellow Bunny. As a matter of fact he was constantly a topic of conversation in our home.

Well, when I was at work, I was reading a story about this woman’s summer home. She furnished most of the home with vintage goods that she found on eBay. As I was reading, I came across this quote:

“When I was a kid, my brother had given me a rubber cigar that, when you blew on it, a worm popped out at one end. So I went on eBay and typed in ‘rubber cigar worm,’ and there it was. And it was one of those crazy moments where you say, ‘Oh, my God, everything that has been lost to me can be recovered.’ ”

Of course the first thing that came to mind was Yellow Bunny. And of course I went to eBay … My heart dropped when I saw pictures of the bunny that I had lost so long ago.

I have always been really web-savy, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to look for my missing bunny.

I didn’t place any bids or purchase any bunnies … but that doesn’t mean that I won’t in the future.



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