Expanding My Necklace Storage

While at work, my jewelery selection is often limited to pretty necklaces.

Because I sit at a computer all day, I can’t really wear bracelets, watches or rings. I’ve tried but they scrape on my desk and drive me nuts. The three holes in each of my ears are gauged (not very big) so the earrings I wear rarely come out, and I’m not buying tons of dangling earrings.

As my necklace collection grows, the hook in my closet appears smaller and smaller.

Every time I reach for a necklace, it’s always tangled with all of my other ones. Plus, I can never tell each necklace apart. I went shopping for some new necklaces the other day, and when I went to put them on the hook I decided it was time for a change.

This morning I decided to build something new. It’s nothing fancy, but it works for now while we are in our apartment.

I just used some scrap wood that we had lying around and some finishing nails for the hooks. It’s tucked into my closet so I decided not to paint it or anything.

Now, I will be able to find all of my necklaces, and they won’t get tangled up.


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