My Sick Daisy

My little Daisy has the flu.

Or the doggie flu. Or something. She’s sick.

She was coughing and throwing up (TMI, I know… ) all Monday, so Tim took her to the vet Tuesday, and they said she pretty much has the flu. They said many dogs get sick and it’s normal, even though she has had all of her shots.

She’s still playing and eating normal, but I feel bad because she’s extra mushy and coughing all the time.

The medication that they gave us is helping. One is a cough suppressant so she isn’t coughing as much, and she’s hasn’t thrown up since Tuesday morning.

All of the medications are pills, of course, so we had to figure out clever ways to give them to her.

She has figured out how to spit them out when we just put them in her mouth, so that hasn’t been working.

We tried peanut butter… It was funny to watch, but didn’t help with the pills. We started using cheese, but now when we crinkle a bag in the fridge she comes a runnin’!

Then I spoke with someone at work who tried using Pill Pockets with their dog. He said they worked for a while, but eventually his dog figured out there were pills hidden and just ate the pockets. He said he had some extras at home and was nice enough to give me the rest for Daisy. So I’ve tried those twice, and she seems to like them. Pills and all.

So for now we will alternate the Pill Pockets and some cheese. And hopefully my Daisy will fully recover within a day or two.



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