Indestructible… Yea, Right.

We are constantly looking for new toys for our little Daisy.

You see… not only is she a puppy, but apparently she is supper strong as well. Most of her toys are rubber. Kong toys seem to last quite a while. Fabric toys only last about 10 minutes.

She loves squeaky toys and goes crazy for ropes.

Well, today I put some of her toys into her basket and then went up to take a shower.

She usually takes a nap while I get ready for work but not today. Silly me…

When I came back down, she had started to destroy two of the so-called “indestructible” toys that Tim and I bought her.

One was a DogZilla fabric bone with double stitching and blah blah… yea it’s gone.

The other was a Petsport USA Firehose Flying Disk. They are obviously made of firehose material and are supposed to be strong… until they meet my pup.

Apparently the search for “Daisy-proof” dog toys continues.


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