Storing Lots ‘o Lettuce

On our awesome shopping trip to Sam’s Club today I got a ton of lettuce. Six heads of romaine to be exact.

I’m definitely not going to eat six heads of lettuce in three days, so here is the best way that I found to store it for at least two weeks. ( I have also kept celery and red peppers fresh for a while…)

Step 1: DO NOT WASH! This is really important…

Step 2: Cut off the tops of each head and peel off outside wilting leaves. (Really anything gross.)

Step 3: Wrap the lettuce in paper towels.

Step 4: Put lettuce (usually three fit) into a gallon sized Ziplock bag and seal. Place in fridge.

Step 5: When you are ready to use, take out a lettuce head and peel off what you need. Re-wrap remaining lettuce (with same paper towel, unless it is damp). Wash each piece before using… and enjoy!



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