A Lot Of Food, Not A Lot Of Money

Tim and I have really been trying to save money lately, and the supermarket by us charges way to much for groceries.

It’s a chain, and I’m pretty sure that we have at least 10 of them in our fairly small city. We’ve been shopping at this chain for a long time but recently decided that it’s time for a change. The quality of the perishable food sold is not that great and, the bigger issue, the items are pricey.

We have been members a Sam’s Club for about a year now but have never stopped by the produce/deli sections. (We usually buy frozen foods or crackers and granola bars… And then go and spend too much at the expensive supermarket.)

Today we went to the produce/deli section… and it was amazing.

Everything was either less expensive and the same amount, or two or three times what we usually get for at least half the price. And since we are trying to eat healthy, we were able to get a lot more fruit, veggies (see how I store a ton of lettuce…) and deli meat for a lot less money.

We even bought some raviolis for dinner. They were delicious.

From now on I see us shopping at Sam’s Club a lot more often.




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