Great Day For An MRI…

Today was the day of my MRI.

I can tell you it really didn’t start well at all.

I received a call about my scan a few days ago and was given directions to the building. Something about a downward ramp, east parking garage, etc.

Well none of that helped.

It was partially my fault. I was probably not listening clearly because I was nervous about my MRI.

The hospital near us is very large and surrounded by a medical plaza. Quite a few acres I would say.

The first building Tim and I went into said ‘Dental Something’ everywhere. So we walked out and called the radiology number I was given. They sent us to another wrong building, with lovely radiology people who sent us to a different radiology department in the first building that we went to.

When we made it to the third place, the lovely lady said “Oh no, you have to go to ‘MRI’ … Not Radiology.” Apparently, a different building… I kindly asked her to write out directions… And to pack me a lunch for my journey.

Eventually we made it to the tiny MRI building that was hiding right next to that east parking garage I remember hearing something about.

The receptionist was nice and even knew my name! … As if I hadn’t called a hundred times already like a lost child.

When it was my turn to get the dreaded MRI, I took some of the stuff that my lovely doctor was nice enough to subscribe. And Tim and I walked with one of the radiologists to yet another building to use an MRI machine specific for brain scans. I have to say, it was pretty wonderful.

The machine was at least half the size of a regular one, and I only went in up to slightly above my elbows. I think that really helped.

What didn’t help was when the MRI started but the music in my headphones didn’t. I got to listen to the lovely noises of the machine for a good 10 minutes. Quite loud, I do have to say.

Then after what felt like a few minutes later, the radiologist came in and gave me some contrast. Yay! Needles and an MRI! Awesome day…

When everything was finished, the radiologist said I didn’t move (so we didn’t have to do it again) and we were free to go.

Because I was such a good girl, Tim and I got some pizza, yogurt and rented some movies. Making for a very lazy and very perfect rest of the day.



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