A Quick Meal …

Today, it was time to improvise.

I was home for my break from work, and we really don’t have anything healthy in the house to eat.

Well, nothing that was prepared anyway. And I was only home for an hour. So I searched for a bit and decided to throw every veggie I could find into a pot and made a quick little sauté.

Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients: Any veggies really… but I used: 1 small can of whole kernel corn (drained); 1/4 cup each of frozen broccoli and peas; butter; and Kosher salt, pepper and dried basil.

Directions: Toss everything into a pot and cook (while occasionally watching and stirring) until done.

I ate this for dinner, but of course it can be made as a yummy side to a real meal. And sorry for the blurry photo… you can blame my phone for that… or that I was hungry and didn’t want to take another picture. I only had an hour remember!


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