My Amazing Grandparents.

My grandparents have always amazed me.

My grandmother is always moving, cooking, helping or something. And it’s really something I have aspired to be. My whole life, she has only gotten about five hours of sleep a night. She goes to bed late and is up every morning at 4.

She and my grandfather raised five children, and my grandmother fed them all with 4 feet of counter space in her kitchen (that includes the space occupied by the coffee pot, knife block and drain board – she has no dishwasher). I complain about my “tiny” kitchen in my apartment, but she has never complained. And has always cooked amazing meals.

I would have to say that my grandmother never uses recipes, but I think that might be wrong. It’s probably more like she uses recipes 1 percent of the time. Everything else she makes comes from the bunches of information she has learned over time.

For example, she made a yummy pasta salad while we were visiting recently (she just had some veggies in the fridge and decided to throw something together … amazing!). We talked about ingredients and she said she just put everything together until it tasted good. And left some of the pasta cooking liquid, because everyone knows the pasta will absorb a lot of the moisture … of course.

I made some when I got home … and of course it was delicious. Thanks grandma!


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