Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me!

Today we took a trip into the city.

I made a whole map for us … subway stops and all … but it took forever to load, so we really just used the maps on our phones most of the time. Very helpful.

Especially when it came to finding the closest pizza place. We saw the Statue of Liberty (I got the reserve tickets and definitely recommend. The line was crazy long.), went to Ground Zero and even walked around Central Park. But that was all …

The Statue of Liberty cruises can be very long, so we decided to just do the ferry and not get off the boat. It really worked out perfect for us because the cruise was only an hour.

The boat also took us by Ellis Island.

After the tour there was a group of street performers putting on a show. So we watched for a bit, then got some food and relaxed in Battery Park.

Next we were back on the subway and headed to Central Park.

We are immensely out of shape, and were so tired after walking through the zoo and to the fountain in the park that we found the closest bench and ultimately decided to call it a day.

We had wanted to go to Times Square but really couldn’t walk anymore. This definitely won’t be our last trip to New York, so we will have to go in the future.

Eventually, we made it onto the train and back to my grandparents’ house for some homemade spaghetti and meatballs … and some birthday cake for me!!

It was a great way to end the day.


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