A Drive Through My Past

Today, I got to take Tim out to the town I grew up in.

At first, we just drove around, and I showed him my old elementary school, my old home and then we went to the local preserve to walk around and take photos … and just be a cheesy couple. 

There were a couple of people fishing off tiny bridges into the stream and a lot of people walking, running and biking the trail … but we were the slow old people who had to keep moving out of everyone’s way. There were lots of wild flowers, even a daisy that of course we took a picture of.

We passed this really cool tree were other couples had carved their initials…

So of course Tim added ours.

On the way back we saw a bunch of geese and swans by the lake, and I was able to get pretty close.

A little goose family even came right by us.

After that we went into town and got some Italian ices. They were delicious. I will never understand why they aren’t everywhere in Florida. And then later we saw my cousins for some dinner at their new house.
Overall, a really great day.



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