Hello, New York

Well, we made it to New York.

Our flight went really well. We had to leave pretty early, so the night before we came to Orlando and spent the night in a … er … very nice hotel … yea. It really was a decent place. The customer service was excellent, and the room was clean. So, really, what more can you ask for.

Maybe it was a little bit hard to find. And maybe it wasn’t in the best area. But we only needed it for one night, it was five minutes from the airport and the rate was really low.

We ended up finding a great place to park outside of the airport. The rate was about $3 cheaper than airport parking which adds up fast. Parking was covered, the shuttle was free, the people were really nice and when your trip is over and you leave, they give you free bottles of water. We will definitely be going there in the future.

The flight was pretty uneventful … always a good thing. And we arrived early enough to spend time with my grandparents before heading out to see some relatives and my aunt’s bake shop.

It was a very good first day and a half of our trip.


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