Finally a Doctor Visit

So I’ve been living in my current town for four years now, and I just recently decided that it was time to see a primary care physician.

I guess I’ve been putting it off for so long because I was worried about what they would find after running all the tests that doctors like to run…

Well, I finally decided to go because the headaches I’ve been getting since high school were getting worse. Plus, we kept getting these stories at work about people dying all of a sudden … after suffering from severe headaches…

So I was freaking out a little bit! So what! … Maybe I watch too much TV.

Well anyway… I went to the doctor the other day, and of course she wants to run all sorts of blood work. Which I understand because I’m a new patient, and we all want to know why I’m getting headaches. But then comes the unexpected… (Actually it was pretty expected; I just didn’t want to hear it.)

Apparently she wants me to go for an MRI of my brain!!

Now, that would be fine and all if I weren’t slightly claustrophobic. And to make it worse, they will have to put a cage over my head (which I assume is procedure or maybe just something they decided to do for me … yea yea, it’s procedure, I know).

So now I get to look forward to the MRI I will be having within the next month that better find something … or else they will need to run some tests to make sure I haven’t had a stroke or something during the process.


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