Picking at the Farm

A week ago all we had planned for today was a dentist appointment. The dentist is about 20 minutes away (considered a good drive in our town), so later in the week we decided to visit the blueberry farm (where Tim’s father works) to hang out and take some pictures.

We only got to spend about an hour there before heading over to the doctor, but we decided to go back after. While I waited, I went over to Tim’s parents’ house and took some pictures of the cool stuff they have in the garden.

When Tim was finished, I met him at the dentist, and we drove back to the farm.

It’s picking season right now, so buckets are being filled all day with blueberries (Tim found that one just sitting on the ground.)

I took a lot more pictures. And then we got to pick some blackberries. I know, I know. Blackberries at a blueberry farm?

Well, the farm is primarily blueberries, but they also grow blackberries, have a couple of random fruit trees (peach, orange) and even make wine.

I love to go out there and today happen to be a sunny, cool day. So it was even better.

We brought Daisy (of course) and she ran around at the house all afternoon. Needless to say, she has been snoring since we got home.


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