Oh 12 hour days …

So … for those of you who live under a rock, the news media has been reporting like crazy for the last four days about Osama bin Laden and so on.

When I first got into journalism, these were the news events that you learned about in school. The scary stories about “Stop the presses!!!” and 80 hour weeks. But really, this is the reason that anyone who is a journalist gets into the profession.

It was Sunday, and the day had started out a bit shaky. Someone had called in sick, and I was already planning to stay late. Other than that, the rest of the night went like usual. At around 10 p.m. our slot was getting ready to leave, and he gets a phone call saying something big was coming at 10:30, but he could still go. We would be fine …

About a 30 minutes later, it all began.

Needless to say, our slot came back (he said the newsroom was where you wanted to be when something this big happened, and he was definitely right). Everyone stayed late editing stories and three of us stayed until almost 3 a.m. (Photo stayed until 7 a.m. when someone else came and relieved them of their duties … continuing to send more photos.) But of course it was totally worth it.

The day may have been long, the night may have been hectic and even though the few days after were filled with continuing coverage, it was a great week at work. People say you always remember where you are when big events happen, I’m just glad I will also have a great story to tell my children.


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