New Car

Today was a good day … I got a new car!

My parents came up for the day to … well … to hold my hand. I mean, who doesn’t want their parents there when they get a new car. It was nice, even though they were only here for a day.

After driving pick-up trucks since I got my license, I finally decided to get an SUV. I feel like it still has the same truck feel … yea that’s right … but also has all the family attributes. I really wanted to do this right, so I did a ton of research and created a crazy spreadsheet …

Well, it ended up working out great because I narrowed down the SUVs I didn’t want to see (they aren’t on the spreadsheet) and was able to look at cars that I knew had everything I wanted … plus the important stuff like MPG and gas-tank size. It kept me … uh … focused … you know, from just falling in love with the color of the car and getting the first thing I sat in.

Anyway, after driving many vehicles, opening many doors, sitting in tons of seats and pushing lots o’ buttons … I decided on the Hyundai Veracruz. I will probably get an aftermarket iPod/Auxiliary jack (it’s taken out when you add the navigation, which I really wanted). Other than that, it is really perfect in every way.

Well, to me at least.

For now though, I’m off to bed. The pup is tired.


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