Visions of the Future

Well … it was a short vacation, but we just got back from visiting my parents for Passover. We had our third-night Seder (ie: lots of food and fun). I mean really, who could ask for more: family, food and lots of wine. … I think I’m done eating for the next few days.

It really was a nice vacation, but time with my parents and sister always makes me think about how things have changed and how the future will changes things some more. As the years go on, traditions that were so important slowly turn into two Christmas celebrations and Thanksgiving dinners over the phone. Really, anything to spend some time together.

I know by being in the journalism field it will be harder to have weekends and holidays off. The news is always constant and international turmoil doesn’t care if I want to spend time with my family.

I just hope life will continue to adapt and that my family will be fine with our third-night Seders, or any other holiday, as long as we are together in some way.


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