Hello, again.

So, it’s been a while … like two years. Life get’s busy, you know. I tried to come back, I really did. But every time I just wanted to catch up with missed posts instead of just starting over.

Welp, I’m back. Or at least I will try to be back more than every two years.

What’s been happening … got married, went to Italy, had an anniversary, went to Orlando, grad school, home renovations, husband lost his job, husband got a new job and my sister had a baby. Needless to say, it’s been a little hectic, but amazing nonetheless.

Writing is important to me. Sharing with the world is important to me. So I’m making a pledge to write a little more than I did before.

We’ll see how it goes.


DIY Rustic Sign

Maybe I’m a bit ambitious, but I want to DIY a lot of stuff for the wedding. The only problem is that I’ll be doing 90 percent of it by myself.

My bridesmaids are in West Palm Beach, Tampa and New York, and my mom is in West Palm Beach. So to help, they would have to come pretty far.

This weekend I worked on a rustic sign that will go behind our table at the wedding. This is the finished product: IMG_1518edit

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The First Thanksgiving

OK, so maybe it’s not the first Thanksgiving. But it was the first one we had in our home. Now you know we only moved in a couple of months ago. And maybe it was a little ambitious to have a large meal with many people and dogs at our house. Especially since we didn’t even have a dining room table yet.

Well, not to worry. We scrambled a bit and unpacked all of our boxes … OK almost all. There are still some left in the office. And we even managed to build our farmhouse table, complete with mismatched yard-sale chairs.

Dining room table

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And the Wedding Planning Begins

So we are less than a year away from the wedding, and it’s time to plan. After lots of research, I have found a venue, photographer, videographer, officiant and DJ.

Getting these major vendors chosen and booked was a major stress reliever. Now I can relax a bit and find a florist and baker, and then I can start on decorations. It may seem a bit ambitious, but I am planning on DIY-ing a lot of my wedding decor.

I figure that I will have plenty of time to get it finished. Especially since I will probably end up doing most of it by myself. I’m not going to do everything, but I would like to create the items that we will keep after the wedding is over. Things that we will be able to have in our home that will not necessarily look like wedding items, but we will know came from that special day.

Inspection Time

We had our inspection today. It went as well as one could hope.

The inspector even said he wanted to put an offer in. Haha … no!

But really, he said it was one of the best houses he has seen in a while, which is really what you want to hear.

Now, on to surveys, water samples and insurance binding!

The Search Is Over

After months of looking, we have finally found a house.

It’s really perfect and has everything we were looking for.

When we started our search, we were thinking one acre would be good. And then sometime in the future we would move to more acreage. But as time went on and we kept talking about a forever house and how much we hated moving, one acre turned into three … and then five … and then 10.

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